Posted on by Alex Nev

We can’t actually believe we have come to the end of our third year! Where has the time gone?! They say time flies when your having fun and we couldn’t agree more.
What an amazing few years we’ve had!! Both personally and business wise it has been an incredible journey from start to finish and we couldn’t be more grateful or any happier!

Of course any business has ups and downs but the challenges you face only make you appreciate success much more. We say ups and downs very lightly as we really can’t complain about anything that has happened, We've been so lucky to have managed to find such a niche market and to have such a supportive amazing set of customers.

We're so happy and proud of how far our products have come, when we compare the newest collection to our first range back in 2014 we can’t believe how much the products have developed. We started off with a range of just 16 products and we have over 50 today. It makes us feel so proud when we look at how far the brand has come, some times find it hard to believe that we built it from nothing.

Just this week we launched our new collection, throughout the time we have had the brand we have always said that it doesn’t feel like real life, launching that collection was the best most successful day the brand has ever had, taking over any black friday or christmas sale. We completely over exceeded all expectations by a mile and that was the first time in the whole three years that it really sunk in and felt real. We was totally over whelmed and quite emotional which is a rarity for us!

Looking at the finished products live online whilst looking at our initial drawings of the collection in front of us was the most elating feeling, for us its the best feeling - there's nothing like it. We never get any less excited when the samples arrive for a brand new product, We're still as passionate as we was all those years ago. Were really proud of how far the company has come and were so grateful that our years of hard hard work is now paying off. 


Foxford Team.